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Manufacturing sector

Tecno Elettra automazioni industriali manufatturieroIn Tecno Elettra we design, develop and realize electric systems for all types of machines for the manufacturing industries.

The experience obtained in this sector has been leading the implementation of electric systems of different automations:

  • Engines to work with the wood:
    • automatic polishing machines, automatic engravers, cross panel-saws, longitudinal splitters, sectioning and milling lines.
  • Engines to work with plastic and metallic materials:
    • edgebanders, benders, punching machines, cutting lines.
  • Engines to work with marble, brick and rock.
  • Textile Engines.

By using a high qualified technical office we design and develop the hardware and software part, always in a continuous contact with the clients, offering bests solutions for their needs.

By using then an highly expert manufacturing department we implement the wiring of the electrical panels, the machinery systems and the final testing, giving to the customer the product required finalized (“keys in hand”).

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