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Tecno Elettra realizzazione automazioni industriali

Tecno Elettra manufacturing department has thirty years’ experience on the wiring of industrial electric systems.

It’s based on a high qualified team, and it respects requirements from UNI EN ISO 9001, certifying our quality system. We produce electric panels for every type of industrial automatios.

The management of the department is given to the manufacturing manager, based on the new management system installed in 2015. It can plan in real time claims production based on customer needs.

Variables like changes in delivery time or in planning during the implementation of the projects, are ensuring high flexibility within the implementation area. This aspect has always been considered as a key value for Tecno Elettra, together with a high quality products and reliability on final products.

Tecno Elettra automazioni industriali

The department has been divided into two productive areas, in order to offer costumers high flexibility, while maintaining production/manufactures on a high level quality:

  • The first area is specialized on special electric panels, designed and built up ad hoc for our customers. Prototype panels with high specialization and usually of big dimensions are realized, and our customers can ask for changes during the implementation of the electric panel. Here clients’ relationship are continuously maintained in order to reach a complete final product with high qualitative standard.

Tecno Elettra automazioni industriali alimentare

  • A second important area is the wiring area, born in 2001 moving to the new manufacture area of 1 100 square meters. Many customers of Tecno Elettra require the provision of specific systems in order to finalize their industrial engines, combining serial productions with high qualitative standard. The department is structured in order to satisfy different customer requests, from the simple wiring of cables, to the realization of finalized series systems, already equipped with final system cables and tested by simulating their normal working. The result is ready to be installed in the customer’s final industrial system. Our technicians, exploiting the organization on this sector, can develop several electrical system in lots, maintaining a high quality during the working phases. This is translated into the realization of products that satisfy perfectly costumer needs that want a low-cost system, but at the same time reliable.

Our electrical system devices, if required, can be realized according to the following certifications CE, CSA, UL.


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