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Automation process

Tecno Elettra s.r.l. was born under the process automation systems (“keys in hand”). Also today this sector is still at the centre of the company activities, either for new systems or for the revamping of systems already existing.

Within the process automation we are increasing the security and efficiency of the systems under different sectors, for example paper producers, specialized industries in the production of chemical industrial products, companies producing engines and electric devices and building companies of process systems for food production (i.e Beer and wine producers), through the use of informatic technologies and software engineering.

The process automation that we are developing in Tecno Elettra s.r.l. are simplifying all working system monitoring operations, thanks to the use of many detectors, that can change based on the type of system, and are placed along the automation. They can register important parameters such as temperature, pressure, range, etc. Data collected are stocked and analyzed by a central processor (CPU) placed in a control area or in an electric box of the machinery system. Both of them are provided with a monitoring screen, from where it’s possible to observe every single devices or the whole systems.

Starting from specific client issues, Tecno Elettra s.r.l., is working according to an operative and management model of its activities, according to the followings:

  • Analysis of the customer requests;
  • Research of the best technology and logistic solutions;
  • Planning of the project under the best technological solutions while optimizing costs;
  • Solution sharing with the costumers and approval of the project;
  • Implementation of the project according to the defined timetable;
  • Management of the site up to the final testing and delivery of the system;
  • Assistance in the system launching and post-selling services.

Every type of other activity such as the implementation of the electric panels, or the fieldbus interfaces are designed and realized within our manufacturing area with high experience level, high material quality and respective legal requirements and norms.

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