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System testing and launching

When the main electric panel, in Tecno elettra’s factory, is done, our technicians installall electrical system to the final customer and right after they perform the final testing.

All inputs result useful in order to satisfy final customers.

Our programmers follow the final testing up to a very fine scale, always next to the electricians, that have realized the system installation, in a way that the whole testing process results on a high standard quality management for the company.

Apart from the final testing run directly to final customers, our programmers are performing tests directly from the office, connecting to the electric industrial automations through an ad hoc modem, installed directly in the central electric panel, or controlled from remote by the use of a PC, connected to the PLC or to any programmable control instrument (teleservice).

This system is giving us the opportunity to perform software tests also from the other side of the world, directly from our office, in order to monitor electrical system automations along the time, while operating if there are any problems.

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