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Tecno Elettra has been always looking for customers’ technical support, advancing them choosing the best products for their needs, while following them up to the post selling phase.

Our technical manager checks customers’ requirements, evaluating together with the planning area and the commercial manager the products placed on the market, in order to advice the best technical solution, with specific attention to the relation between quality and price.

Technical assistance lasts also during all the operational phase, when the electric system is implemented, in order to eventually modify the project, while guarantying to customers a continuous wiring monitoring.

Once the system is tested and becomes productive, Tecno Elettra offers a post selling assistance in case any problems will arise, or if there is the need to modify some part of the electric system.

Thanks to a high qualified personnel it is possible to interact with the final costumer in Italy and worldwide, to solve problems or perform any hardware and software changes, either through the connection of the plc system with the modem, or by using an electric device with wifi connection and an updated software for remote management (Teleservice TeamViewer).

This last solution gives the opportunity to our software managers to perform any system changes or ameliorations without moving from the office, saving in this way time and money.

Our technical assistance service has given the opportunity to enhance our costumers’ relationships, based on trust and on a long time experience.

“We don’t want to be simple executors or providers. We want to be next to our clients in developing better technologies, electric and electronic innovative solutions. We want to be in the centre of the electric industrial automation, being direct partners of our clients and excellent providers of technologies in this growing market.”

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