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Packaging sector


It’s from the 70’s that the packaging sector has been at the centre of electro-mechanic development in the Vicenza province.

Tecno Elettra in this context is operating from the end of the 80’s, as a provider of the electric system, giving to customers better advanced solutions.

In the recent years, packaging machines are moving from a mechanical mode of operation to a more electric one, giving the possibility to Tecno Elettra to become an excellent and specialized partner for the electric automation under the packaging sector.


Up to today in Tecno Elettra we are designing, developing and realizing our electric systems for all type of packaging devices (primary, secondary and final) and for all type of products (food and not food) as horizontal flow pack, vertical packaging machines, automated packaging lines with automatic loaders and weighers, thermoforming machines, bottling machines, automatic cartoners and much more.

We are following the whole production process of the electric automation production.

Using a high qualified technical department we design the hardware part and we realize the software part, always in contact with the customer in order to provide the better solution for their needs.

Through an expert and always update manufacturing department we realize the electric central panel, the machinery electric systems at the customer, and the final test, giving to the final costumer the whole electric system finalized (“keys in hand”).

Thanks to a more than 20 years partnerships’ with the major automation producers such as Omron, Siemens, Allen-Bradely, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Abb we offer to our customers a big amount of products having different prices.

Starting from the easiest machines (few axes) developed to satisfy the small and medium productions, up to the more complex packaging lines where high level performances are required together with advanced automation solutions, where we can offer bests motion intelligence systems.

Flexibility, trust, innovation are the main important pillars of our work, and the main reasons why we are located in the market not only because we build electric systems for the packaging sector, but also because we are providers of better solutions, capable to give highly advanced answers to our customers.

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