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Robot Scara

“The only competitive advantage an organization has over the competitors is the ability to learn faster than others”
Peter Senge (Lebanese writer and philosopher)

In accordance with the Tecno Elettra and D.G.TALE philosophy in providing customers with solutions tailored to their needs, capable of increasing the productivity and quality of their products, we are pleased to introduce the new OMRON SCARA robotic systems.

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Thursday, November 14th 2019 Tecno Elettra participated in the evening “IL TALENTO PORTA LONTANO” at the Siggi Group of San Vito di Leguzzano. The meeting was organized by Confartigianato Vicenza and Confindustria Vicenza.

Matteo Dalla Vecchia, as a representative of Confartigianato Vicenza, has tried to give support and advice to parents of third grade children who need information, updates and clarity to deal effectively with choosing a school for their child.

Matteo spoke about his experience as an entrepreneur of D.G.TALE srl and what new professional figures companies need today.

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Electrical system for impregnation oven for new nuclear power plant in France

Last week a very interesting article which talks about energy was published in “Il Fatto Quotidiano”.

Read the full article: Energia, in Francia la prima centrale nucleare pulita e senza scorie che aiuterà a salvare il clima. Con 1,2 miliardi di tecnologia italiana

The article mentions the Ansaldo Nucleare, company for which, through a historical customer of Zanè, the W.M.I srl, Tecno Elettra built the electrical plant for the impregnation kiln that worked pieces for the new nuclear power plant in France.

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Frequency converters for the aeronautical sector

In Tecno Elettra these days we are working on something powerful!

Our technical department is involved in the operation tests of frequency converters for the aeronautical sector.✈️

The frequency converter allows you to vary the outgoing frequency of an incoming periodic signal. In other words, it allows you to adjust the speed of a elettric engine. In aeronautics it is used to change the speed of an engine without interruption, thus achieving a significantly higher speed.

Tecno Elettra, always at the forefront in all sectors! Contact us to learn more.

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Tretto’s book

With great satisfaction Tecno Elettra and D.G.TALE have contributed to the realization of the long-awaited book “Il Tretto. La sua gente, la sua storia” written by Angelo Saccardo, presented at the Cimbra Festival last weekend in San Ulderico di Tretto to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the union of the municipality of Tretto with Schio.

We are proud to have collaborated to spread the history of the territory in which we live, a territory rich in culture and beauty, which has made so much for the municipality of Schio, giving birth to so many entrepreneurs of our beautiful Industrial Area. We strongly believe in the development of our territory to ensure a future of innovation and prosperity.

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Tecno Elettra visiting the SPS IPC Drives fair in Parma

To develop new ideas and proposals to customers Tecno Elettra uses the most prestigious manufacturers of electrical and electronic products.

We have seized the opportunity to deepen new technological aspects of automation. Specifying we enjoyed a lot testing virtual reality and new anthropomorphic robotic systems. We came back with lots of new ideas to continue our contribution to the Industry 4.0.

The visit to the fair is confirmed as an important opportunity to consolidate the collaboration relationship with the various automation leaders, such as Siemens, Omron, Allen-Bradley, Schneider Electric, Abb and many others.

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Revamping coffee beans packaging machine

The last renovation concerns this vertical packaging machine for coffee beans☕.

Modern and efficient machinery is of primary importance to increase business performance. Revamping allows a complex automation system to extend its life cycle within the production process. In more details, it is the replacement of the technological center of the industrial machinery by inserting more modern and advanced solutions that will optimize efficiency and quality.

Revamping done and now the machine is ready to be shipped!

Will the next be yours? Industrial automation for food industry, packaging, manufacturing, construction and much more. Contact us to learn more.

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Omron Motion Intelligence sysmac System

brochure1TECNOELETTRA is your partner for industrial electric automations and packaging.

We can help you with a full range of services and products developed to increase the speed, the flexibility and performances and the machine safety.

Exploit our Knowledge: we are specialized in automations and our consultancy can be helpful in order to develop a new machine or to enhance an existing models.

Sysmac, an unique integrated platform:

  • Only one connection
  • One software
  • One control

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Flow Pack proposal 2019

Under the industrial automation sector Tecno Elettra has developed a series of products in order to satisfy the wide range of horizontal flow-pack machines.

  • There are three main strength points:
    • FLEXIBILITY: maximum expansion and configuration
    • QUALITY: products brands between the most known in the world
    • SERVICE: everywhere an answer

The two families:

      This line has been developed in order to satisfy small and medium productions. The automation adopt an Omron system from the touch-screen to the brushless engines. The platform on which is based is able to give high flexibility on a low economy price base. This solution substitutes the traditional mechanic flow-pack machines.

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