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Hardware and software design and planning

Tecno Elettra progettazione impianti automazioni industriali

The technical department is for Tecno Elettra an important point of reference, from where all projects are designed and developed, up to the final products implementation.

The technical department, based on young technicians and more expert ones, is the place where experience is mixed with continuous innovation, always looking for new technical and advanced solutions for our clients.

Here we design and plan the schemes of all type of electrical systems, realized in the manufacturing area through the planning program EPLAN electricP8.

Thanks to a continuous collaboration with our costumers we can identify best solutions for their needs, developing innovative projects, with the result that we are not only simple job executor but also important partners for the technological development of the industrial automation sector.

Next to the designing phase comes the software programming.

Our technical programmers develop and implement software, which are the main heart of our programmable controllers (from the best brands in the world) inside the electrical systems, such as cpu, touch panel screen, industrial pc, inverter and brushless servo driver.

Within our technical department we can offer a various amount of software solutions such as: Omron, Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Pro-face, Toshiba, ABB, Panasonic.

This software planning flexibility it is making the difference between us and our competitors.

The high adaptability to the diversified products in the market it’s based on different sectors application and on costumers specific requests. Tecno elettra doesn’t stop on customized systems with a rigid structure hardly modificable, but works on systems that can change, and it’s always based on continuous innovation and development.

As last, but not least, the graphic development of the touch screen panel design area, realized through HMI/Scada and industrial pc, implemented in recent years.

Within the technical department we have a person that is dealing directly with our customers, implementing personal panels for all type of electric systems installed, in order to provide an instrument of interaction between workers and machines.

Our commercial service is giving to costumers different product types based on price, offering all type of solutions from a low-cost level to more sophisticated ones.

Here after some brands that are proposed:

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