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Our history

Tecno Elettra s.r.l. was born in 1988 in Schio, by the change of Tecno Elettra individual company run by Nerio Dalla Vecchia in 1979.

The new manufacturing company born during a significant industrial growing time: the 60’s are very important for the engineering industrial development perspective in North-East of Italy, and the 80’s are years of small and medium manufacturing enterprises growing. The city of Schio changed very rapidly, moving to an important industrial center of high quality level.

The city has become in very short time a fertile area where to grow new economic activities, thanks to the favorable environment oriented towards the manufacturing and industrial development.

This attitude has deep roots.

It’s already from the 1700, during the Republic of Venice domain, that the city of Schio becomes the first place of wool production for the Republic of Serenissima. The rapid economic growing reached the pick with Alessandro Rossi that, from the second half of the 19th century, was able to promote the father wool factory, becoming one of the leading factory in the world, which is known as LANEROSSI (because of this Schio will become the Manchester of Italy), pushing the development of other wool small enterprises and manufactures, as for example the mechanic industry.

It’s thanks to this that the industrial sector of Schio is growing very well during the 60’s Schio, while the textile industry was decreasing.

In this way mechanic industries are developing very rapidly, focusing at the very beginning into low technology processes, up to a more developed and high quality industrial automation systems. The sectors under development are very heterogeneous: from the food industry to the wood processing.

It’s from the 80’s that industrial devices are facing a big technological development, moving from an electro-mechanical process to a more electronic one.

And it’s under this special context that Tecno Elettra s.r.l. has started to grow as provider of the electric systems.

The enterprise has always been characterized by innovative incentives, bringing into the company more and more qualified personnel in the production, hardware and software department and the technical assistance.

In 2001 Tecno Elettra founded a new modern building (of about 1100 mq), built up following security and safety regulations. It has reached the objective of being able to offer to their workers a safe and comfortable environment.

Tecno Elettra automazioni industriali

The new building has allowed the company to enter into new market area, with the possibility of being able to adapt every market requirements.

The service is offered based on two department: the standard wiring and the special automation. It has been realized standard and unique electric panels and moreover every type of dimensions.

All of these has brought Tecno Elettra to be rewarded, in 2002, by the Commercial Chamber of Vicenza, with the award of “Better Economic Development Processbecause of all results on the application of particular results obtained in the application of modern technologies and because of the rights investments and high profitability.

Tecno Elettra automazioni industriali

In 2014 the company has started a process of management system re-organization, that is leading an important process towards new challenges and opportunities, looking forward a continuous development and innovation.

Today Tecno Elettra is not a simple provider, but a direct partner of its customer in the development of innovative technologies, offering always better electric and electronic performances.

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