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Robot Scara

“The only competitive advantage an organization has over the competitors is the ability to learn faster than others”
Peter Senge (Lebanese writer and philosopher)

In accordance with the Tecno Elettra and D.G.TALE philosophy in providing customers with solutions tailored to their needs, capable of increasing the productivity and quality of their products, we are pleased to introduce the new OMRON SCARA robotic systems.

SCARA (acronym for Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm) is an arm made for quickly performing and precise operations. The project, which began fifty years ago, established that most of the repetitive movements were achievable with only 4 axes, that is, 4 degrees of freedom. The great advantage of this product compared to others is that it uses only one axis to lift an object and that simplifies the structure, making it more reliable.

The robot has two articulated arms free to rotate around a fixed axis, while the Z axis, found at the other end, is capable of both rotating and moving vertically.

The word “Compliance” identifies the characteristics of this ROBOT that is essential when the movements to perform are repetitive and precise (i.e. assembly, PICK- &- PLACE); differently from an anthropomorphic robot that uses 6 axes to carry out an operation, SCARA with “only” 4 axes is much faster than the 6-axis robot and it can be mounted in narrower spaces, thanks to its reduced size. The last plus of SCARA concerns the price as its cost is much lower than an anthropomorphic robot arm.

So where can we place this Robot? Surely SCARA can be easily implemented to perform jobs that are normally carried out by humans but which require speed and repeatability, such as loading/ unloading lines, end-of-line boxing and small mechanical assemblies, proving to be the most reliable partner thanks to its extreme precision and speed.

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