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Omron Perfect Sealing System

Perfect Sealing: customers drivers vs sealing issues

Perfect Sealing: key topics for customers

The issue
Sealing failures increase as:

  • the packaging speed increases
  • or during changes in ambient temperature
  • but mostly due to changes in packaging film materials or when thinner and/or cheaper packaging materials are applied

This changes the sealing behaviour and demands more of the temperature regulation.

The issue
On a conventional sealing machine temperature sensors often are located too far away from the sealing surface of the heating bar.

This causes a difference between the temperature of the sealing surface and the temperature that was actually being controlled.

If the machine change sealing speed (pcs/min), the effect on the traditional temperature control is limited, however on the sealing surface offset further expand.

Omron solution

Locate temperature sensor in the right place
Omron is able to provide special sensors E52-E to be placed easier close to the sealing surface to acquire the correct measurement.

“Automatic filter adjustment function”
Suppress the instability on the temperature surface measurements adopting special algorithm.

  • Faster response speed
  • Robust layout
  • Fixable on the heating bar
  • Mountable in a limited work space.

New Sensors items

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