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Omron Motion Intelligence sysmac System

brochure1TECNOELETTRA is your partner for industrial electric automations and packaging.

We can help you with a full range of services and products developed to increase the speed, the flexibility and performances and the machine safety.

Exploit our Knowledge: we are specialized in automations and our consultancy can be helpful in order to develop a new machine or to enhance an existing models.

Sysmac, an unique integrated platform:

  • Only one connection
  • One software
  • One control

brochure2Control functions of the machines:

  • Perfect integration of movement and logic
  • Simultaneous control of all network machines devices
  • Previous version machines compatibility of the major PLC modules

Control functions of movement:

  • Maximum control of 256 motion axes
  • Circular and linear interpolation
  • Reduction and electronic cams


brochure3Ethercat, the speediest network in the market. In order to obtain precision and predictability required from the machines today.

This network does not cover only the movement, but also I/O, safety and vision- a big advantage for the customer, that can benefit of an easiest wiring and excellent performances.

Sysmac use an Intel® Atom™ or Core™ processor and an Operative Real Time System (RTOS) to reduce the elaboration time in order to answer adequately to new control needs.

Performances can increase or decrease based on machines, without the involvement of any project changes.

Integrated safety solutions

The industrial automation processes, as the machines, results to be always more dynamic. The need to increase the productivity, the flexibility, the ergonomics and the safety result to be essential.

Our mission is to provide proper responses for all sectors of the packaging.

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